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The reliable Blaster.

The Gadgetron Blaster is an automatic pistol available in Ratchet & Clank. It can be purchased after visiting planet Kerwan for 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert). Pressing the fire button will fire out a stream of energy shots. While one shot is not nearly enough to kill a foe, the amount of shots the Blaster can fire in a short space of time easily compensate for this problem. The weapon also has a basic form of auto-targeting onto enemies. When an enemy is targeted in this manner, the shots curve to where the enemy is (although this does not account for whether the target is moving or not). Despite this, the Blaster can be a bit difficult to wield because of Ratchet's inability to Strafe, at least up until he gets the Thruster-Pack, which has the ability to Strafe for him.

The Blaster is one of the most useful and reliable weapons in the game, and acts as a very adequate substitute for the Devastator when that weapon is out of ammo.

Gold Blaster

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Ratchet earns the Gold Blaster.

The Gold Blaster is the upgraded form of the Blaster. It can be bought from the Gemlik Base and Novalis Gold Weapon Showrooms for 20,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) and 4 Gold Bolts. Aside from a power boost, the Gold Blaster's functional upgrade is that shots now reflect off of walls and enemies (multiple times if applicable), however the shots do not purposely reflect themselves to other enemies like other weapons do. However, the sheer mass of bullets flying around in confined spaces is both very effective and very spectacular.

Ratchet & Clank Comic

The Blaster makes an appearance during the first issue of the Ratchet & Clank Comic, Ears of War. Ratchet uses it to help defend Veldin from Emperor Zogg's robot mechs. After running out of ammo, Ratchet chucks it at a robot in a futile attempt to inflict some harm.

In this appearance, the Blaster is smaller and fires red blasts of energy, rather than the yellow balls as seen in the original game.


Video Gallery

Blaster Demonstration

Blaster Demonstration

Gold Blaster Demonstration

Gold Blaster Demonstration

In-game Descriptions

"Blaster! Point it more or less at the bad guys and mow 'em down!" ~Vendor Description

"The Blaster is a great all-purpose weapon. Even though its range is limited, its high rate of fire makes it ideal for taking on tough enemies at close and medium ranges. Hold down L1 to use its sniper capabilities.
This gun chews up ammo fast so be sure to pick up as much Blaster ammo as you can carry." ~Help Menu Description

"Why settle for a regular Blaster when you can have a Gold Blaster? Greater range, firing rate and power is yours with this gold plated beauty.
And as an added bonus, your projectiles will richochet off any object - increasing the damage you can do!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold version)


  • In the early stages of the game, this weapon was originally called the Bolt Blaster. Rather than using pre-bought ammo, the Bolt Blaster would fire Bolts. The weapon would have an unlimited supply of ammunition as long as the user had bolts, though this might have encouraged players to exclusively use the Blaster during game testing.
  • In the game's demo, the Blaster actually fired glowing pellets similar to a BB Gun, a leftover of the previously mentioned weapon.

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