13 Blitz Gun WM

The Megacorp Blitz Gun.

The Blitz Gun is a shotgun weapon from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It fires a spray of a laser beams which deals varying damage, depending on how far away the enemy is. The further away a foe is, the less damage he will take from the shots. The Blitz Gun is a good weapon early in the game to act as a mid-point, for when an enemy is too tough to use Lancer ammo on, but not strong enough to waste Gravity Bomb ammo. This weapon and it's upgrade, the Blitz Cannon, are among the most popular weapons from Going Commando.

Up Your Arsenal

While it does not appear in the Single Player mode, the Blitz Gun does appear in the Multiplayer section of Up Your Arsenal. The weapon's long, wide range make it a fair weapon to use, however it's true power is shown when opponents get too close, which leaves the player open to Wrench attacks or, ironically, a Blitz Gun in the hands of the foe. It is also apparently a good choice when battling Hoverships, but it is very handy when you need to clear out a batch of mines on the battlefield due to it's wide cone of fire. The upgraded version can kill enemies very quickly, and if you want to acquire it, it's best to use the Blitz Gun while defending.


  • The Blitz Gun and Blitz Cannon are among a select few weapons where Ratchet reloads (although it does not affect gameplay). After firing, if the player hasn't fired another shot yet, Ratchet will pull the crossbar handle back to do so. Interestingly, the crossbar itself never moves.
  • The Blitz Gun shares a strikingly similar colour scheme to the Gravity Bomb.

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A view of the Blitz Gun from the front.