0003s 0002 Bomb Glove Icon WM

The original Gadgetron Bomb Glove.

The Bomb Glove is, with the Omniwrench 8000, the starting weapon of the original Ratchet & Clank. The weapon is used by throwing a bomb, where it will explode if it contacts an enemy, the ground, a wall, or any other solid object. The range of this weapon can be extended slightly if the player goes into First-Person Mode. Despite being the very first weapon in the game, it is able to remain useful throughout most of Ratchet & Clank because it deals around two hits worth of damage. It's main weakness is that it can take a while for the bomb to fly through the air and hit anything, which, coupled with the time it takes for Ratchet to actually throw the bomb out of his hand, can make the Bomb Glove unwieldy to use. Despite this, it is best used on medium-sized enemies.

The Bomb Glove should not be confused with its close relative, the Acid Bomb Glove, from Size Matters. The Fusion Grenade and the Constructo Bomb Glove can be seen as direct improvements on the Bomb Glove's design.

Gold Bomb Glove

0002s 0000 Gold Bomb Glove Purchase WM

Ratchet buys the Gold Bomb Glove.

The Gold Bomb Glove is the upgraded form of the original Bomb Glove. It can be bought from the Gemlik Base and Novalis Gold Weapon Showrooms for 20,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), in addition to four Gold Bolts. The Gold Bomb Glove offers more damage to go with the new green explosions. The range of the weapon and the size of the explosions has also been extended, and to top it off, the range added when in First-Person mode has also been added to as well. This makes the weapon much more useful when taking out crowds of smaller enemies, or a small group of medium ones, as well as for taking out large stacks of crates when the player is too impatient to use the Wrench.

Going Commando

If the player has a Ratchet & Clank save on their Memory Card while visiting the Gadgetron Vendor on Barlow, they can get the Bomb Glove again in Going Commando for free (otherwise they would have to pay 1,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) for it). The Bomb Glove retains all of it's functionality from the previous game, however it's effectiveness is limited because it cannot upgrade, and it is already weak to begin with because it isn't designed to combat the higher health enemies that show up even early on into the game.

A Mega version can be bought in Challenge Mode which, aside from appearance, functions exactly the same as the Gold Bomb Glove. However, the power boost is still unable to make it very effective.


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In-game Descriptions

"Bomb Glove! Throw bombs at your enemies! BOOM!" ~ Vendor Ticker description

"The Bomb Glove is an affordable, entry-level weapon. In fact, it's FREE! We believe in this product so strongly that we're willing to give it away to first-time customers!
Effective at close or medium-range, this device can be especially handy against clusters of enemies.
Hold down L1 for precision aiming. Makes a great gift!" ~ Help Menu description

The Gold Bomb Glove replaces your original Bomb Glove and provides more power and bigger explosions for your bombs! The Gold Bomb Glove also offers longer range when in aiming mode! A real bargain for only a few Gold Bolts!" ~Help Menu description (Gold version)

"The Bomb Glove is Gadgetron's most affordable weapon - in fact it's free! We believe in this product so strongly that we are willing to give it away to first time customers.*

  • This offer is at the discretion of individual Gadgetron vendors. Terms and conditions apply." ~ UK Manual Description


  • The Bomb Glove is one of Gadgetron's special offer weapons, being available for free (ignoring Going Commando). They believe in the product so strongly that they give it away to first time customers (but only at the discretion of the individual vendors). Ratchet presumably picked one up prior to the events at the beginning of Ratchet & Clank.
  • The Bomb Glove isn't exclusively used by Ratchet, the weapon was also used by the Test Dummies during Ratchet's visit to the Gadgetron Site. The dummies would later reappear in the Starship Phoenix's VR Simulation, along with the Pyrocitor and Walloper.

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