21 Bouncer WM

The original Bouncer from Going Commando.

The Bouncer is a popular weapon from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It fires a large Bouncer bomb that bounces off of the floor and walls. When it hits and enemy (or comes to rest), the bomb explodes, releasing a swarm of bouncing bomblets that bounce towards enemies and explode. The sheer mass of the bomblets makes this weapon very effective against groups of enemies (even if you miss), or against large boss enemies. The weapon will eventually upgrade into Heavy Bouncer.

The Bouncer however suffers from an extremely low rate of fire, due to the time it takes for all the bomlets to clear out. The player knows when they can fire again due to a clicking reload sound emitted from the weapon.

Up Your Arsenal

0001s 0000s 0005 Bouncer V1-4 WM

The appearance of the UYA Bouncer.

The Bouncer returns in Ratchet in Clank: Up Your Arsenal as a weapon the player can purchase from Slim Cognito on Aquatos. If the player has a save of Going Commando where they bought the Bouncer on the Memory Card in Slot 1, they can get the Bouncer for free, which saves them a lot of bolts. Like the other four returning Megacorp weapons, the Bouncer in Up Your Arsenal uses the V1-V5 upgrading system.


  • In typical Ratchet & Clank fashion, the bomb the Bouncer and Heavy Bouncer fires is too large to physically fit in the barrel.
    • The design of this bomb also changed between Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. In Going Commando it was a silver ball with orange lights on it, but in Up Your Arsenal it was simply a giant version of the bomblets.
  • Despite having no cross-bar, Ratchet still wields the Bouncer as if it were a two-handed weapon.
  • The Bouncer proved to be so popular that it was included as mods for weapons in later versions of the game, such as the Bouncer Alpha Mod in Ratchet: Deadlocked and the Barrage Mod for the Constructo Bomb Glove in A Crack in Time.



High-res render of the Bouncer.