05 Chopper WM

The Megacorp Chopper.

The Chopper is an early glove weapon in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Pressing the fire button causes Ratchet to toss a bladed star which, upon hitting an enemy, will fly away and arc back towards the enemy to hit it again. This will happen several times until the star dissapears. The star can only hit an enemy so many times until it dissapears, but this 'hit count' does not apply to objects such as walls. If there are multiple enemies nearby, the Chopper discs will hit different enemies before it dissapears. Key to the Chopper's effectiveness is it's usefulness when there are several of them, as three or more discs can significantly damage a fair group of enemies.

One flaw with the Chopper, however, is that when Ratchet throws a disc, he stops in place for a second (much as he would when tossing his Omniwrench 8000), which can be critical when there are shots or heading towards Ratchet. The solution, however, is to have Ratchet toss a disc while he's jumping or flipping. Due to most battles requiring Ratchet to jump and flip to avoid shots and other attacks, this should only be a minor inconvenience to the player for all situations except for enemies close to Ratchet. With extended use, the Chopper will eventually upgrade into the Multi-Star.


06 Multi-Star WM

The upgrade to the Chopper, the Multi-Star.

The Multi-Star is the upgraded form of the Chopper. In addition to a power boost, the discs Ratchet throws will split into two seperate discs upon hitting an enemy, which act as two original blades. This feature makes the Multi-Star a powerful and dangerous weapon against groups of enemies, as a group of three stars will split into six perilous stars. This ability also makes the Multi-Star very effective against bosses such as Chainblade, where the stars will split and target the lone boss on the battlefield.


  • The Chopper, like the Tankbot Glove and Swingshot, attatch themselves to Ratchet's wrist, rather than being full gloves like the Bomb Glove or the Glove of Doom.
  • The Chopper was originally called the Ninja Star Glove, possibly hinting at a different design for the weapon.
  • When using the Multi-Star, the discs that Ratchet has thrown have an easy way to identify themselves. Stars that have not split yet leave behind a blue trail, while ones that have leave behind a pink/purple one.


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