41 Clank Shocker WM

Clank gains red eyes with the Clank Shocker.

The Clank Shocker is the upgraded form of the Clank Zapper. In addition to the original electic bolt, the Clank Shocker now allows Clank to shoot lasers from his eyes. Like the bolt, these lasers activate randomly and do not deal a lot of damage. However, because they can only fire backwards to Ratchet, they can also act as a way to detect whether an enemy is behind Ratchet or not, especially since Clank's eyes glow red before firing.


  • The Clank Shocker may have been intended to be a weapon for Normal Mode, due to it's lack of power. For whatever reason it was cut from Normal Mode and pushed into Challenge Mode, as a sort of bonus weapon (this would also account for its very steep price for a weapon that cannot even effectively deal with early level Challenge Mode enemies).
  • The Clank Shocker gives Clank a similar appearance to that of Klunk, who would only appear in the duo's next adventure and in Secret Agent Clank

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