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The Decoy Glove, a weapon that doesn't directly hurt enemies.

The Decoy Glove is a tactical weapon from Gadgetron. It is available in Ratchet & Clank after Ratchet visits Pokitaru for the first time, for 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert). It does not damage enemies, instead, the user tosses out a pod, which unfurls and inflates into a dummy version of him or herself. This inflatable decoy is realistic enough to fool most enemies, who will always attack the dummy instead of their actual target. This is very helpful for drawing fire away from someone so that he or she can retreat for health and Ammo, or to attack the enemies as they're distracted (they don't go for Ratchet even when he hits them). The only downside to the Decoy Glove is that enemies tend to destroy the decoy very quickly, making it useless against bosses, who tend to take them down in one or two hits. Fortunately, the player can toss out up to five decoys at once, making for a more effective ploy.

Gold Decoy Glove

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Ratchet tries on his new Gold Decoy Glove.

The Gold Decoy Glove is the improved upgrade of the original Decoy Glove. Ratchet can buy it from the Novalis Gold Weapon Showroom for 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), and 4 Gold Bolts. Decoys thrown from the Gold Decoy Glove can withstand more hits than the normal version, and sport a black silhouette of Ratchet with red eyes and a sinister grin on a red decoy. The reason for this is because when a decoy is destroyed, it blows up in a green fireball, making it even better for taking on tough enemies.

Interestingly, the base of Gold Decoy Glove dummies is changed to yellow, from the original blue.

Going Commando

The Decoy Glove makes a return in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and is available at the Gadgetron Vendor on planet Barlow for 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) (2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) less than the original cost). However, if the user bought the Decoy Glove in the first game, and has that save on the Memory Card in Slot 1, they can get it for free. Unfortunately, the high attack power of the enemies mean that decoys never last very long until they are destroyed, however they are still momentarily useful for drawing fire away from Ratchet as he retreats.

One interesting change is that the dummy now mimics Ratchet's Megacorp Commando outfit that he wears for the first third of the game (however, it does not change to suit later armors that he can buy). The Mega version of the Decoy Glove also does not feature the evil Ratchet from the Gold version, despite other Mega Gadgetron weapons gaining Gold Weapon features.


In-game Descriptions

"Decoy Glove! Fool your enemies with this eerily lifelike DECOY." ~Vendor Description

"Ever want to distract your foes while you sneak past unscathed? The Decoy Glove creates customized, inflatable dummies in your own likeness! Your enemies will attack the dummy, while you sneak past them (or attack them from behind!)" ~Help Menu Description

"The Decoy Glove has always been one of Gadgetron's more entertaining weapons, and the Gold Decoy Glove is sure to earn a permanent place in your armory. Not only does it have a brand new look, but it now will automatically damage any enemy who attacks it!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold Version)


  • The Decoy Glove has real-life merchandise; a miniature, Inflatable Ratchet decoy.
  • The three yellow pods on the glove bear no resemblance to the pods Ratchet actually throws aside from color.
  • The Help Menu description of the Gold Decoy Glove (seen above) suggests that enemies sustain damage themselves if they attack a decoy, which is not the case in the final game.
  • The Decoy Glove was featured in a weapons testing advertisement. A dummy of a kid named Corey was placed in the middle of the road, while his distressed mother runs out to it as it gets run over by a vehicle. The real Corey flees behind a house, presumably the one he lives in.