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The Devastator, a weapon that often sees a lot of useage.

The Devastator is a rocket launcher weapon in Ratchet & Clank, available from Gadgetron. It is first purchasable from planet Batalia for 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), and it is one of the most used weapons in the original game. This is mainly because the weapon is very powerful, and has a good amount of ammo to use. Unlike later Ratchet & Clank rocket launchers, the Devastator does not fire rockets that fly fast and have limited tracking. Instead, it shoots out slow rockets that are able to turn and weave to follow wherever the enemy may be flying (although this isn't seen too often as the large, heavy opponents it was intended for move rather slowly). It also has incredibly range when used in First-Person mode, making it the ideal choice for sniping enemies from a distance.

It's only limitation is the amount of ammo provided by Ammo Crates, which is a measly two per crate.

Gold Devastator

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Ratchet, after purchasing the Gold Devastator.

The Gold Devastator is the improved version of the original Devastator, and can be purchased from the Novalis Gold Weapon Showroom for 60,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) (and 4 Gold Bolts), making it tied with the Gold Tesla Claw as the most expensive Gold Weapon in the game. What makes this weapon unique is it's functionality upgrade. After a rocket hits an enemy and explodes, it will still keep going, flying around and targeting yet another enemy, making it very useful in shooting groups of enemies (especially if they are flying), and also makes the weapon comparable to the Chopper from Going Commando. Extra power and green flames and explosions come as standard.


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In-game Descriptions

"Devastator! Launch guided MISSILES at the bad guys." ~Vendor Description

"The Devastator is the perfect combination of effectiveness and economy. Less expensive than some of Gadgetron's other long range weapons, the Devastator can bring down flying enemies with ease.
Try the Devastator's new Auto-Lockon feature! Hold down L1, and the Lockon reticule will turn green when a target is acquired. Once locked on, the Devastator missiles will automatically seek moving targets." ~Help Menu Description

"When we at Gadgetron set out to create a Gold Devastator, we were at a temporary loss. How does one improve on perfection? And then our engineering staff developed a new targeting technology which enables each missile to hit multiple targets and do even MORE damage! Go ahead... fire a few shots and enjoy the show!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold Devastator)


  • The Devastator was the first weapon to be revealed to the public when Ratchet & Clank was first announced, being the weapon Ratchet wielded in a promotional image (this would later be used as the basis for the US cover of the game, as well as being turned into a wallpaper).
  • The Devastator was featured in a weapons testing commercial for the game. A group of teenagers attempt to fire a rocket at a target in the middle of a courtyard, but miss. It instead blasts through a tree and blows up somebody's yacht. Understandably, the teenagers then begin to flee.
  • Originally, it seemed that the weapon was called the 'PX6 Devastator' in the game's early stages (as evidenced by the concept art above), but later changed.
  • In early promotional material for the game, it was shown the user is able to inflict self-damage using the Devastator, however this was later cut for unknown reasons.

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