0002 Ectoflux Armor WM

The Green Ectoflux Armour, with an arrow emblem.

Ectoflux is the second armour available in A Crack in Time. It's available once Ratchet has landed on Terachnos in the Vela Sector, and can be bought for 10,000 bolts. It uses an Apogee Recycling System to provide 10% protection against damage. Even when the player buys this armor at the earliest possible moment, this is, next to the Hyperflux Armor, the armor that Ratchet wears the least, appearing for one or two planets before being replaced, depending on when Ratchet buys the next one. The Ectoflux Armor adds a flap to the front of the wearer's helmet.


  • The prefix 'Ecto' is a biological term meaning "outside of" implying that the flow of energy (Flux) in the armor works from the outside. Coincidentally, the armor itself is green, a color commonly associated with biology.
  • The Armor of A Crack in Time is unique among all Ratchet games in the fact that it is in fact holographic armor. This allows for Ratchet to retain a consistent look throughout cinematics and in-game cutscenes. However, there are some differences between a scene and gameplay. The most noticeable one is that the lights for the armor turn off during scenes, and Ratchet's helmet retracts, leaving his cap visible. A more easily missed difference is that the emblems are always that of the Holoflux Armor no matter what type of Armor Ratchet is wearing at the time. The final difference is that the shoulder pads are always the shorter Holoflux variety.
  • The -flux armor in A Crack in Time resembles the Lombax Armor worn by Azimuth and Kaden, particularly the large circular light on Ratchet's chest, which is placed on the right side.

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