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The PDA, as it appears in Ratchet

The Gadgetron PDA, short for Personal Delivery Assistant but often referred to as just the PDA, is a Hand Gadget available in Ratchet & Clank, as well as in Up Your Arsenal and Size Matters. Ratchet buys it from Captain Qwark (Posing as Gagdetron salesman Steve McQwark) in the ruins of Gorda City on Oltanis for 1,000 Bolt Icon (Invert). It is extremely useful because it allows the player to buy ammunition "wherever, and whenever you want it", as Qwark describes, making it invaluable for long boss fights such as Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek.

With the PDA equipped, pressing the Circle button will bring up the normal Vendor interface. The user can then select and purchase ammo as they would in a normal vendor, however they cannot buy new weapons. The major catch with the PDA is that ammo prices are at a higher premium than they would be at a normal vendor due to delivery costs to cover shipping costs, normally about ten times the normal price. For instance, a Blaster shot from a normal Vendor is just 1 Bolt Icon (Invert), whereas from the PDA it costs 10 Bolt Icon (Invert). This would mean that to fully stock the Blaster with ammo would cost 1,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), rather than the usual 100 Bolt Icon (Invert), so users have to be careful about their spending. Things like buying ammo only for weapons you need to use, and only buying as much as you'll think you need for the next few moments, are recommended strategies to help keep PDA costs down.

Up Your Arsenal

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A render of the PDA.

The PDA makes later appearances in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal on the Thraan Asteroid Belt for 250,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), originally belonging to Qwark. It appears and functions exactly how it did in the original game, including the premium price for delivery. An important aspect to note is that in Up your Arsenal, the Gadgetron PDA will only deliver ammunition for Gadgetron weapons, not the five Megacorp weapons the player can get from Slim Cognito, which could impact on player strategies.

Size Matters

The Gadgetron PDA's third and final appearance takes place in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters on Planet Challax for 50,000 Bolt Icon (Invert). Like it's other appearances, the gadget works exactly the same as it's other versions, this includes the additional shipping costs included with ammo purchases.

Secret Agent Clank

In Secret Agent Clank, an identical gadget appears under the name of the Agency PDA, so-named because this version stocks up Agency weapons rather than Gadgetron ones.

For more information, please visit the Agency PDA's page.



  • The PDA's name (and to a lesser extent it's appearance) mimics that of real-life PDAs, short for Personal Digital Assistant. Most PDAs nowadays are smartphones, the most well known of which is the Apple iPhone.