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The Gadgetron Glove of Doom, a very maniacal weapon.

The Glove of Doom is a highly popular weapon available in Ratchet & Clank via Gadgetron. It's first purchasable on Eudora for 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert), and it's a particular fan-favorite weapon, which explains why it has appeared in three Ratchet & Clank titles. While upgraded forms in later games function differently from it's original Ratchet & Clank appearance, the V1 versions all function pretty much identically. With the Glove of Doom, the user tosses out a small orb called a DoomEgg. This releases four small Agents of Doom, little robots built to destroy. They follow Ratchet around on foot as they laugh maniacally, and while they do have great jumping ability for their size, they cannot cross large gaps or bodies of water and lava. When they find an enemy, they rush towards it and then self-detonate.

The Glove of Doom is most useful when Ratchet is surrounded by enemies and needs a little backup. A particularly effective strategy is to let out some Agents while behind a corner out out of enemy range, where the Agents will move in independently of Ratchet if they detect a foe. Only eight individual Agents can be deployed at a time (two DoomEggs worth), and if Ratchet releases an orb but hits the maximum Agent count, no more Agents will be deployed. However, as agents blow up when they defeat enemies (or just over time), an Egg will release more Agents to replace them.

Gold Glove of DoomEdit

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Ratchet wearing the Gold Glove of Doom.

The Gold Glove of Doom is the superior version of the original, and like all Gold Weapons, it is gold plated. Agents released from this version of the weapon are much larger than their normal counterparts, and sport more powerful, larger, and greener explosions, plus greater speed due to their enlarged size. The weapon is available from the Gemlik Base and Novalis Gold Weapon Showrooms at a cost of 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) and 4 Gold Bolts.

Up Your ArsenalEdit

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The Agents themselves in Up Your Arsenal.

V1 to V4Edit

The Glove of Doom makes a return in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, however it is renamed as the Agents of Doom, which would remain its name for later appearances. In this version of the weapon, the orb doesn't have to come to rest for it to release Agents. Instead, it spawns them all at once as soon as it touches the ground. The Agents however still suffer from the same problems as the original Glove of Doom; Agents cannot jump large gaps or cross water or lava, and you cannot have more than eight Agents out on the field at any one time.

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Ratchet being followed by several agents.

This weapon is first available after the first visit to Annihilation Nation on Station Q9 for 60,000 Bolt Icon (Invert). If the player has a R&C Save on the Memory Card in Slot 1 where the player has completed the second Hoverboard Course on Kalebo III, they get the 10% Employee discount, and thus the Agents of Doom cost 54,000 Bolt Icon (Invert).

The upgraded versions of the Agents of Doom adds new functionality to the Agents. The V2 Agents gain blasters, meaning they act much like Tankbots in that they don't have to blow up immediately, instead they can fire on enemies. Once they run out of ammo, then they behave like V1 Agents, leaping on enemies and exploding. V3 Agents gain more ammo and a higher rate of fire. A significant upgrade occurs at V4: Agents can now fly. When they gain this ability, they float alongside Ratchet to provide him with cover fire, much like the Synthenoids from Going Commando. Only four Agents can be flying, however, any extra Agents will be on the ground.

Agents of Dread (UYA)Edit

Agents of Doom V5 WM

Agents of Dread, during the upgrade sequence.

When this weapon upgrades to V5, it transforms into the Agents of Dread. Agents of Dread are much more deadly than any previous version as their blasters are replaced by rapid fire rocket launchers mounted onto their shoulders. If that wasn't scary enough, each agent's explosion is so massive it creates a mini mushroom cloud, much like the Mini-Nuke.

Size MattersEdit

The glove makes a third and final appearance in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, under the UYA name Agents of Doom. They can first be bought from planet Ryllus for 25,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), making this the most expensive version of the weapon. V1 Agents act like classic Agents, running along the ground and exploding when they contact an enemy. V2 Agents get mounted guns they can use to fire upon enemies before charging at them, and V3 Agents get a power upgrade to their guns. Hitting V4 will upgrade the Agents into the Agents of Dread.

Like the previous versions, these Agents of Doom are best used when there are too many enemies for the player to handle.


Video GalleryEdit

Glove of Doom Demonstration

Glove of Doom Demonstration

Gold Glove of Doom Demonstration

Gold Glove of Doom Demonstration

In-game DescriptionsEdit

"Glove of Doom! Launch a horde of exploding BUDDIES to chase down your foes!" ~Vendor Description

"Want some explosive new friends? Try the Glove of Doom! This handy device lets you throw Gadgetron's DoomEggs which hatch into four Agents of Doom.
These tenacious little robots will track and destroy nearby threats! Up to 8 Agents can be activated at once!" ~Help Menu Description

"While the regular Glove of Doom has become a favourite among galactic adventurers, the Gold Glove of Doom brings new functionality to this classic.
The Gold version now offers you larger, faster, and more powerful Agents! And with their new gloss black exterior, your Agents will fit in nicely at any social function!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold Version)


Ratchet Apsk

Render of Ratchet wearing the glove.

  • On planet Notak in Going Commando, Ratchet has to purchase a video of The Unknown Thief from three drones. These drones, albeit with glasses and a tie, look identical to the Agents of Doom.
  • The Agents, even in the original Ratchet & Clank, sport jets on their back. These aren't utilized until they gain the flying ability in Up Your Arsenal. The Size Matters Agents can fly also, but they get their own unique looking jetpacks.
  • The description for the Gold Glove of Doom mentions that they come in a new gloss-black exterior, yet this is not present in the final version.
  • The Agents of Doom are similar in appearance to the Gadgebots, so this may mean that the Agents could have been a relative of the Gadgebots, being that they are both created by Gadgetron.
  • Amazingly, the Glove itself has never gone through any change in appearance until it's Size Matters rendition, when the Glove's finger design was changed to be more mitten-like, possibly to save polygons. This design is similar to the Bee Mine Glove.
  • The Glove of Doom has been mentioned as a favorite among Insomniac employees, possibly explaining it's return in two sequels.
  • The Agents of Doom were actually the first versions of the Gadgebot, as several of them were seen following Clank in an old video from the game's development stages.
  • During the sequence in UYA where the V4 Agents of Doom upgrade into Agents of Dread, the rocket launchers for the Dread Agents are much larger than they actually appear during gameplay.

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