03 Gravity Bomb WM

The powerful Gravity Bomb

The Gravity Bomb is the second of three weapons Ratchet starts with at the beginning of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and functions in an opposite manner to the Lancer. Rather than shooting many weak shots very quickly, the Gravity Bomb fires highly powerful charges in a slow manner. The splash damage and sheer damage capabilities of the Gravity Bomb make it ideal for taking out groups of medium-strength enemies, or for weaking a boss' health so that it can be killed by a weapon with less power.

When the Gravity Bomb is fired, the bomb flies forward a short distance and falls to the ground, exploding should it hit the ground or an enemy. The charges do not explode if they hit a wall, so they can be rebounded off of walls for more stylish kills.

The Gravity Bomb has its own challenge at the Maktar Arena, asking the player to complete four rounds with just this weapon and no ammo pickups. The best way to win the challenge is to circle around enemies to bunch them together so you can take them out in one shot. This Challenge becomes even easier with the Mega and Ultra Mini-Nukes, which have 10 and 12 shots (respectively), over the original weapons 8.


04 Mini-Nuke WM

The highly powerful (and popular) Mini-Nuke.

The Mini-Nuke is the explosive upgrade to the Gravity Bomb. It comes with no added functionality, but it does have a much larger area for splash damage, and of course more power. It also lives up to its name by making a large orange mushroom cloud explosion, which has made this weapon quite popular amongst fans. The high power of the Mini-Nuke means it can stay a useful weapon for longer than other weapons attained early in the game, able to kill (or at least significantly damage) most normal enemies in the middle of the game.

The Mega Mini-Nuke is the most expensive Mega weapon available at the Vendor (but not the most expensive weapon in the game, that title belongs to the Clank Zapper at 2 million bolts), and for good reason, as the Mega Mini-Nuke's power is intended to take down even the toughest of end-game Challenge Mode enemies.

Up Your Arsenal

Picture 572

Early concept art for the Gravity Bomb.

The original Gravity Bomb is one of several Megacorp weapons that are featured in the Multiplayer portion of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The Gravity Bomb can be a tricky weapon to use here, because despite it's high power, it can be a bit difficult to make it land in the right spot. Fortunately, the splash damage of this weapon should normally compensate. Hitting enemies close to you should also not be a problem, as simply aiming down should solve the problem (this is sometimes even preferred, as the time in the air the bomb spends is less the closer a player will aim). The weapon is more handy when the player is shooting from a higher vantage point, as opponents cannot see the player's aiming circle. If a player manages to get three kills with the weapon and upgrade it, the new power and splash damage make this a weapon to be feared.

Going Mobile

Gravity Bomb GM

Ratchet fires the Going Mobile Gravity Bomb.

The Gravity Bomb makes it's final appearance in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, where it can be bought for 800 Bolt Icon (Invert) after the completion of the first part of Circuit Circuit, due to Clank being able to access a vendor to give Ratchet his weapons back. Like in it's earlier versions, the Gravity Bomb has a short trajectory, however unlike all other weapons in the game, the bombs arc down to the ground, making it very useful for hitting enemies below Ratchet.


Beta gravity

An early design for the Gravity Bomb.

  • The Gravity Bomb would appear in a Weapon Testing Ad, where a teen tries to hit a water bottle his mate tosses up. He predictably misses the bottle, but the charge lands in their neighbours backyard and explodes, covering the area in dirt and dust.
    • The Gravity Bomb prop in the ad has a strap that goes over the users shoulder. This is probably because the prop was front-heavy, so the strap was added to solve the problem.
  • The explosions of the Mini-Nuke would be reused in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal as the explosions for the Agents of Dread.

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Render of the Gravity Bomb.