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The Hologuise device.

The Hologuise is a Hand Gadget available in Ratchet & Clank 1. Acquired after Ratchet beats the Hoverboard Race on Kalebo III at the Gadgetron Headquarters, it allows Ratchet to disguise himself as a Sentry Bot, so that Ratchet can sneak into places he otherwise couldn't. The gadget itself is never seen in Ratchet's hand to use, rather it is automatically activated once selected from the Quick Select or the Weapons Menu, much like the Defensive Drove Device

Use of the Hologuise can be awkward, as Ratchet is limited to only being able to walk slowly and wave to other Sentry Bots (the latter of which makes the Sentry Bots drop nearby shields). This means that he is unable to cross gaps, climb ladders, and perform other traversal moves while in the disguise. It also means that he is unable to fight back should the alarm be raised, and it is important to note that when the Wrench or any other weapon is equipped the disguise is automatically dropped, for better or worse. Thus, those wishing to kill enemies with a specific weapon are advised to equip it first before turning on the Hologuise.

The Hologuise is only effective if it is equipped while nearby enemies are unaware of his presence, which is indicated by the green lights on the disguise's head. If Ratchet is discovered, the alarm is raised and the lights turn red. At this point Ratchet should either kill the offending enemies, or better yet flee before the lethal defenses are activated. If Ratchet manages to escape and lay low for a while, the alarm will be dropped and he can try again.

Wider Universe

The Hologuise is one of a few weapons and gadgets that has been mentioned outside of being a specific gadget and been referenced as part of the wider Ratchet & Clank universe. It is primarily used for disguising the user from those who may otherwise harm him. Two noteworthy instances occur in the Future Series. The first is the Holo-Pirate Disguise, which was made by Emperor Tachyon so that he could sneak into the Robot Pirate bases (however this plan failed because he wasn't good at dancing the jig). The second is when Ratchet first meets Azimuth on Torren IV, where Azimuth attacks Ratchet because he thinks he is an assassin in a Lombax Hologuise. It can be inferred from this that Azimuth has seen similar attempts of his trust beforehand.

How Hologuises are used for other means is unknown, but they could potentially be used for hiding one's identity to make themselves appear better to others to make new friends or score a date. They could also potentially be used to disguise vehicles as objects such as trees or rocks for camoflauge purposes.



  • As seen in the Going Commando Insomniac Museum, the Hologuide was originally going to be a helmet, which looked much like the Sonic Summoner but with a satellite dish on the top. Why it was changed was unknown, but was possibly done for the auto-equip mechanic.
  • The Hologuise gadget would see several alternate versions throughout the Ratchet & Clank games, as seen in the list below.

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