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A Magneboot in Ratchet and Clank.

The Magneboots are a foot gadget available in the original Ratchet & Clank that allows Ratchet to walk on special magnetic surfaces. They are not bought, but instead are found by Clank in the Kogor Refinery on planet Orxon. Initially, Clank suffers from the problem that he gets stuck onto the Magneboots, as seen when he first picks them up and when he gives them to Ratchet later. As the HelpDesk kindly points out, his feet are too small to equip the boots.

The Magneboots theoretically allow Ratchet to walk along any metallic surface, but in gameplay practise they can only allow him to walk allong special Magnestrips, which usually have the appearance of ventilation shafts. Magnestrips are identified by their dark grey, segmented appearance.

Because the Magneboots use pure magnets on their soles to work, Ratchet walks more slowly and awkwardly on Magnestrips than if he were walking normally. He cannot jump while using them and he can also only use the Wrench as a weapon, with limited ability. Magnestrips can also be quite perilous because if Ratchet steps off the edge, he will fall, most often to a lethal end. It doesn't help that most Magnestrips are quite thin.


  • 0001s 0004 Gravity Boots WM

    The Gravity Boots in the Future series look identical to the Magneboots.

    In Going Commando, the Magneboots are replaced by the Gravity Boots, which allow Ratchet to walk normally, as well as jump and shoot. In the Ratchet & Clank Future series, however, the Gravity Boots appear and behave more like the Magneboots.
  • The Magneboots have a cameo appearance in Size Matters, as the shoes The Skyboarder wears. Ironically the Skyboard would give Ratchet the other special boots from Ratchet & Clank 1, the Grind Boots.
  • As discovered in the Going Commando Insomniac Museum, the Magneboots has a tower built so that Insomniac could test how well the Magneboots worked. Evidently it aided them because prerelease footage shows that Ratchet used to walk much slower with the boots on. The tower would later be used to test the Gravity Boots.