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Ratchet earns the Metal Detector.

The Metal Detector is a hand gadget featured in Ratchet & Clank 1. Ratchet earns it after finally completing the main path into Fort Krontos on planet Batalia by The Plumber (known at the time as the Waterworker). After Ratchet makes it through the compound, he meets the Plumber after he escaped from Drek on Novalis, there to fix the turret. While the turret worked fine, the locals were too scared to use it, so Ratchet manned it and took down the Blarg ships bombarding the islands. As a reward, the Plumber gives Ratchet the Metal Detector.

The gadget was designed (and probably built) by the Plumber's grandfather to suck up loose change on any planet in the galaxy (he remnisces about what a cheap old man he was). While the Metal Detector is equipped, a special bolt icon will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen if Ratchet is in the vicinity of a bolt stash. When the gadget is 'fired', it emits rings from it's magnetic plate and plays a tone. The plate will rotate to indicate the direction of any nearby buried bolts, and as Ratchet gets closer, the rings will gradually turn from white to red, and the tone will become more high-pitched. When the plate is directly over the bolts, the gadget will suck them right out of the ground.

While not a huge source of income, using the Metal Detector whenever possible will make it easier to afford more expensive weapons such as the Tesla Claw.


  • For some reason, the Metal Detector is able to suck bolts directly out of ground made entirely of metal, concrete, and other hard surfaces, such as on Gemlik Base and Oltanis.
  • The Metal Detector is of course based on real-life handheld metal detectors, and even shares a similar design with them (a plate held on the end of a long pole). It was initially used for wartime purposes such as detecting mines, but it's much more well known for amateur treasure hunting, coin-collecting, and beachcombing.

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