20 Meteor Gun WM

The (rather unpopular) Meteor Gun.

The Meteor Gun is the upgraded form of the Lava Gun in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and fires Meteor chunks instead of lava. This caused it to be one of the most controversial upgrades among fans, as the change from lava to meteors removed the functionality that fans liked the most about the original weapon (the meteor chunks do not cover ground as effectively as the lava did). It didn't help that the Meteors did not have very good range, falling to the ground not far in front of Ratchet (the range would be slightly extended in the Mega and Ultra versions of the weapon).

The Meteor Gun has some usefulness, however. With the Lock-On Mod in use, the range of the Meteors is increased significantly, allowing it to be used as a replacement to the Lancer.

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Meteor Gun Hi-Res

A render of the Meteor Gun.