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The Mine Glove, a strategically-based weapon.

The Mine Glove is a weapon available from Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank. It can be bought for 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) after visiting Rilgar. Pressing the Fire button causes the user to toss out a mine. This will float above the ground sitting lifeless. On first impression this may seem like a poor man's Bomb Glove, but when an enemy gets nearby, the mine activates and tracks the opponent. On contact, the mine will explode, causing significant damage. The activation range of the mines can be increased when a Taunter is played over them, and in combination with the fact that the Taunter draws enemies to the user, make the mines more tactically effective. Aiming in First Person mode also increases the distance the user can toss the mine, which is useful when attacking from a distant position.

Gold Mine Glove

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Ratchet purchases the Gold Mine Glove.

The Gold Mine Glove is the premium version of the Mine Glove. It can be found in the Novalis Gold Weapon Showroom and purchased for 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), on top of four Gold Bolts. The Gold Mine Glove features a boost in power, activation range, and especially in tossing distance, but the blast radius is also extended so that it is more useful on clustered enemies. Like other Gold Weapons, it also comes with green fire in the explosions.

Up Your Arsenal

The Mine Glove is unique in that it is the only weapon from the original Ratchet & Clank to appear in the Multiplayer portion of Up Your Arsenal, and it functions identically to it's previous appearance. It is more tactically minded than other weapons, so it is a good idea to place them around important positions (such as important nodes or the teleporter into your base), or to hide them behind corners, objects, and cover. If you come across a minefield yourself, your best bet is to use the Blitz Gun or the Gravity Bomb to clear them out.

A player can only lay a total of eight Mines on the battlefield at once (this is not a limit to all players, just individuals), and if you lay a ninth, the first one you lay will explode, and when you lay a tenth, the second one will explode, and so on. In Team-based games, mines will be colored to match the color of the team you're on for identification. Also, mines do not go after the team/player they were laid by.

The upgraded form of the Mine Glove can kill an opponent with just two mines, and has greater speed when tracking.


Video Gallery

Mine Glove Demonstration

Mine Glove Demonstration

Gold Mine Glove Demonstration

Gold Mine Glove Demonstration

In-Game Descriptions

"Mine Glove! Be sneaky and set EXPLODING traps for your enemies!" ~Vendor Description

"The Mine Glove drops floating mines which will activate when any enemies walk into range. Use mines to set traps for your foes! Or try them in combination with Gadgetron's Taunter!
Use L1 for precision placement of the mines." ~Help Menu Description

"The Gold Mine Glove is a simple yet effective improvement to the original. Your mines will do more damage, activate at a larger range, and can even be thrown father when in aiming mode. A solid addition to any adventurer's arsenal!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold version)


  • Ratchet's Weapon Menu animation for the Mine Glove is rather unique; he spins a mine on his finger, tosses it to his other one, and then tosses it back (while doing a spin as it's in the air).
  • As seen in the third screenshot above, the beta version of the Mine Glove would use a different form of mines, ones that lacked the movement abilities of the final version. Incidentally, these mines do actually make it into the final game, being left behind by the Minelayers on planet Kerwan.
  • The glove's mines are actually small versions of the Homing Mine enemy in both appearance and behavior.

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