23 Minirocket Tube WM

The Minirocket Tube from Going Commando.

The Minirocket Tube is a rocket launcher weapon from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and is one of the most useful weapons in the game. It should not be confused with the Mini Rocket from Going Mobile. Rather than going for a dynamic idea, such as turning enemies into sheep or shooting floating, hovering bombs the player can control, the Minirocket Tube fires a fast-moving rocket that explodes when it hits something. The Minirocket Tube may not be as powerful as a weapon like the Bouncer, but a high rate of fire and a still significant amount of power means that it will be one of the most used weapons by players of the game.

The speed and slight tracking abilities of the Minirockets mean that players can annihilate groups of enemies by firing rockets rapidly. This tactic is also useful for quickly taking out larger enemies such as Hovertanks.

Megarocket Cannon

24 Megarocket Cannon WM

The powerful Megarocket Cannon, sporting four barrels.

The Megarocket Cannon is the upgraded form of the Minirocket Tube. The Megarocket Cannon sports a faster fire rate, but in addition, it also has the ability to charge up it's shots. If the player holds down the Fire button, the Cannon will 'store' rockets in it's four barrels and emit a yellow glow (the larger the glow is, the more rockets are stored). Releasing the fire button fires all the stored rockets at once, useful for a more tactical strike. Of course the Megarockets are more powerful than the mini variety.

Visual additions include not only a thicker barrel, but also a chunky ammo clip coming out of the bottom of the gun and a scope added on the top. While the scope fills an empty space present on the original Minirocket Tube, it does not give additional aiming ability.

Up Your Arsenal

Minirocket Tube

A high-res render of the Minirocket.

The Minirocket Tube makes a return as a weapon in the Multiplayer mode of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The Minirocket here can be a rather annoying weapon, as the high power of the rockets, combined with the auto targeting and long range, can mean death even from long distances, but a skilled player can dodge the rockets at the last second. A sniper with the Vaporizer will have an advantage because their weapon will have longer range, but it lacks auto-targeting. The Minirocket Tube here is designed with vehicular destruction in mind, and can take out Turbosliders. It's also a very practical weapon players can use for taking out Hoverhships.

The upgraded form is a very powerful weapon, as the rockets fly faster and track better. The fire rate also gets an increase, aggrivating those players who find themselves on the wrong end of this weapon.


  • The Minirocket Tube could be considered an opposite to the Gadgetron Devastator from Ratchet & Clank 1. While the Minirocket fires fast moving rockets with minimal auto tracking, the Devastator fires slower rockets that can track even the fastest enemies.
  • The Megarocket Cannon, similarly to the Megaturret Glove, suffers from a redundant name in Challenge Mode, being called the "Mega Megarocket Cannon.
    • Ironically, both these weapons share the same inital verb, Mega, as do their original forms that use the verb Mini.

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