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The Morph-o-ray, with an obvious business end.

The Morph-o-Ray is a morphing weapon available in Ratchet & Clank, which turns enemies into chickens, it was Gadgetron's at creating a disintegration ray, although during it's creation, the weapon turned enemies into chickens instead. Like it's successor, the Sheepinator, it isn't bought from a Vendor. Instead, it is found, specifically on an alternate route on Oltanis, by taking a Taxi at the edge of a plaza near the start of the level. It is famous for starting the Morph weapon line, which would remain a popular line throughout the Ratchet & Clank series. It works by firing a mid-length beam straight ahead of the user. When this contacts an enemy, the morphing process begins. A meter on the side of the screen shows the morphing progress. When it fills up, the enemy is successfully morphed into a Chicken. Larger enemies will take longer to convert, and the beam cannot be fired if Ratchet is in the air.

An amusing second stage to the Morph-o-Ray is that they can be sucked up with the Suck Cannon, and fired back out. This allows players to get two bolt rewards from one enemy. The Morph-o-ray is also a great weapon for Ameoboids because unlike other weapons, two new Amoeboids will not be created when you use the Morph-o-Ray on them. This is different from the Qwack-o-Ray in UYA, in that game, two new Amoeboids spawn anyway.

Gold Morph-o-Ray

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Ratchet acquires the Gold Morph-o-Ray.

The Gold Morph-o-Ray is the upgraded form of the original, and can be bought from the Novalis Gold Weapon Showroom for 20,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), and four Gold Bolts. In addition to firing a green beam, the Gold Morph-o-Ray features a faster conversion. It also produces enormous chickens, with the side-effect that enemies prefer to shoot the jumbo chickens over Ratchet himself, much like the Decoy Glove (with the added bonus that the chickens can move). When a chicken runs out of hitpoints, it course explodes in a green fireball, damaging those nearby.

Obviously, because of the large size of Gold Morph-o-Ray chickens, they cannot be vacuumed up with the Suck Cannon.


In-game Description

"While it originated as a failed attempt at a disintergration ray, the Morph-o-ray has now become one of Gadgetron's most popular devices. Just shine the Morph-o-ray beam at your foes and watch them turn into harmless chickens! Hold the beam on an enemy for a short period of time to convert it.
Caution: larger enemies may take longer to convert." ~Help Menu Description

"When we realized how popular the Morpharay had become, we couldn't wait to make a Gold Morpharay. Yes, this is the perfect weapon for chicken-lovers everywhere. Now featuring faster morphing technology!
And, due to popular demand, we've even super-sized the chickens. BIG CHICKENS! Could anyone ask for more?" ~Help Menu Description (Gold version)


  • The ray cannot transform boss enemies, the Alien Queen being the only exception.
  • The Morph-o-Ray is often misspelled as the Morph-a-ray, Morphoray, Morpharay, and various others. In fact the latter was going to be the official name for the weapon, and is used for the Gold Morph-o-Ray description (see above section).
  • The Morph-o-Ray name would be reused again in the Qwack-o-ray.
  • Thanks to the Morph-o-Ray, almost all Morph weapons would turn enemies into barnyard animals, including Sheep, Ducks, Pigs and Cows. Starting with the Transmorpher, Morph weapons would move on to other animals, such as Penguins and Monkeys.
  • The Morph-o-Ray was featured in a Ratchet & Clank testing advertisement. In it, a group of teenagers use it to turn their friend Jerry into a chicken, and succeed. After a few second of chasing their friend-turned-chicken around the yard in an attempt to catch him, one of the teens asks if they will be able to change him back.
  • This weapon was voted the 2nd best Videogame weapon by IGN.
  • Like other morph weapons, the ray is capable of turning any enemy into chickens, including non-organic life forms (i.e. robots). It's not known how this is possible, but it was probably done for gameplay purposes.
  • The combined use of the Morph-o-Ray was said to have cured all of the Solana Galaxy's galactic hunger.
  • The leftover chickens made from the Morph-o-Ray were later used to create the Morph-o-Ray.
  • In an issue of the of the Rilgar Times, it was said the brother of a Novalis native was turned into a Chicken, this was probably done at the use of the ray.

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