0001s 0012s 0003 N60 Storm Level Chart

The upgrade line of the N60 Storm.

The N60 Storm is an automatic pistol made by Gadgetron that is available in Ratchet & Clank 3. It can be bought once Ratchet touches down in Florana for 15,000 bolts (or 13,500 with the employee discount). It is a surprisingly versatile weapon, with a good range to take on distant enemies (who could be flying), and yet it deals a respectable amount of damage so as to take on more powerful enemies. If you're going to pick off one-hit kill enemies, the N60 is the weapon to do it with, since it is more likely to hit the enemy than a Nitro Launcher bomb, plus one shot in the N60's high ammo capacity only costs one bolt.

V2, V3 and V4Edit

The V2 version of the N60 Storm features longer range, plus the bullets not have the ability to ricochet off of enemies and walls, not unlike what the Gold Blaster does. V3 adds a Lock-on mod, allowing the user to lock on to a particular enemy by holding down L2 and R2. V4 gives the Storm the Shock Mod, which makes electricity arc from the enemy hit onto nearby enemies, making it ideal for taking on groups of enemies (especially one-hit kill ones).

When the N60 Storm hits V5, it upgrades into the N90 Hurricane.


  • The N60 Storm was featured in a Ratchet & Clank weapons testing commercial for the Multiplayer mode. When an opponent starts using the Shock Blaster to damage their base, the teen with the N60 declares that "It's on", and prepares to fire. It should be noted that the N60 in the ad is much larger than in the game, being almost as big as the person who's holding it.
  • The N60 Storm is not featured in the Multiplayer segment of Up Your Arsenal. Rather it's upgrade, the N90 Hurricane, is.
  • This weapon is one of a few Up Your Arsenal weapons that does not change it's appearance for one of it's upgrades. In this case, it's the V4 version, which is identical to the previous V3 one.

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