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The N90's barrels are oriented vertically rather than horizontally.

The N90 Hurricane is the upgraded form of the N60 Storm. While it does not add any functionality per-se, like the Heavy Lancer, it does offer a higher rate of fire than it's predessecor. This of course means more shots will hit the enemies which, in tandem with the upgraded power, will kill them faster.


The N90 Hurricane is a weapon featured in the
UYA US Cover Wallpaper

The N90, featured on a wallpaper based on the US cover of Up Your Arsenal.

Multiplayer section of Up Your Arsenal, and is the default stating weapon if the Start With Weapons option is not ticked. It is weaker than most other weapons and has a slower rate of fire than it's Single Player counterpart, and thus it is not reccomended against human-controlled opponents. However, it is actually a good weapon to be used when taking out Node Turrets and Galactic Rangers. The reason for this is because it has good range, and is strong enough to take these problems down fairly quickly, plus it allows you to save ammo on weapons you may need to use on the human opposition.


  • The N90 Hurricane is the weapon featured on the US cover of Up Your Arsenal.
  • When standing still and firing the weapon Ratchet begins to shake. This may be due to a broken animation.

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