0001s 0014s 0004 Nitro Launcher Level Chart

The multiple stages of the Nitro Launcher.

The Nitro Launcher is a bomb shooting weapon manufactured by Gadgetron, and can be bought in Up Your Arsenal. Rather than being bought, Ratchet instead is given it to him by a Galactic Ranger on Veldin to take out a Thyrranoid ship. This weapon shoots out a bomb, which explodes when it hits the ground, an enemy, or when it gets near an enemy. The explosion and accompanying splash damage deals a large amount of damage, and it is ideal for taking out slower, more powerful enemies such as the Thyrranoid Walkers.

V2, V3 and V4Edit

While the V2 version of the weapon adds no functionality, the V3 version adds the Acid Mod, which will damage any enemy who was hit by the weapon over time. V4 will add the Lock-on mod, which allows Ratchet to lock on to a particular enemy when the player holds down L2 and R2. The V4 Nitro Launcher will have a larger blast radius, perfect for larger groups of enemies.

When the Nitro Launcher htis V5, it upgrades into the Nitro Eruptor.


  • Alongside Ratchet's Wrench and the Shock Blaster, the Nitro Eruptor is the only weapon the player can get for free in Up Your Arsenal.

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