The Persuader is a black market item available in Ratchet & Clank. It was created by Fred, who can be found on planet Pokitaru in the 'scenic' sewers. While it was originally intended to control minds, its effect is so weak that the only results are a discount at Gadgetron Vendors. When Ratchet discovers this, Fred offers the Persuader to him in exchange for Raritanium, which powers the device. While Pokitaru was a good source of the substance, toxic dumping by the Blarg meant that Ratchet had to go to planet Hoven to get some, off of a Miner.

As an Item, the Persuader is equipped onto Ratchet permanently, and will always provide a discount at Vendors, but the actual percentage taken off will vary from weapon to weapon (see table below). It is important to note that the Persuader will only affect weapons sold at the Gadgetron Vendors, it will not affect anyone trying to sell weapons, gadgets or Infobots, such as the Shady Salesman selling the R.Y.N.O., Fred selling the Grindboots, or the Deserter selling the Infobot.

Below is a table listing each weapon, the original price, the discounted price, and the discount percentage.

Discount Table

Weapon Name Original Price Persuader Price Discount %
Pyrocitor 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 1,250 Bolt Icon (Invert) 50%
Blaster 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 1,250 Bolt Icon (Invert) 50%
Glove of Doom 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Mine Glove 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Taunter 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 1,250 Bolt Icon (Invert) 50%
Devastator 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 25%
Walloper 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Visibomb Gun 15,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Decoy Glove 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Defensive Drone Device 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 5,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 33%
Tesla Claw 40,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 30,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) 25%

In-game Description

"The Persuader is a black market device outlawed on most planets and for good reason. It uses illegal technology to warp minds. We at Gadgetron do not support this device since our Vendors are vulnerable to its power.
Once you find this device, it is equipped permanently. The Persuader is powered by Raritanium." ~Items Menu Description


  • With a price of 1,250 Bolt Icon (Invert), the Pyrocitor, Blaster and Taunter all share the title of the cheapest weapons Ratchet can buy over all Ratchet & Clank games (not counting weapons gotten for free, such as the Bomb Glove and the Suck Cannon.
    • These weapons also have the highest discount percentage in any Ratchet game: 50%.
  • If you buy all the weapons with the Persuader discount, you would save 63,750 Bolt Icon (Invert), just under half the price of the R.Y.N.O.. If you bought only the Decoy Glove, Visibomb Gun, Defensive Drone Device and Tesla Claw (which is the normal scenario), you would save only 22,500 Bolt Icon (Invert).