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The Pilot's Helmet.

The Pilot's Helmet is a helmet gadget found in Ratchet & Clank 1, that allows Ratchet to control the latest Blarg Starfighters using only his thoughts, as seen on Pokitaru, Gemlik Base and Drek's Fleet. Despite this, the player still has to control the ship with the controller as there was no thought-controlling peripheral made for the PS2. For details on how to control the ship, see the Blarg Starfighter page.

The Pilot's Helmet is found at the very end of the lone path on Gaspar. He comes there after seeing an Infobot showing the helmet being tested on a test track (the ship shoots backwards on the landing strip and crashes into a wall).

Being a gadget, the Pilot's Helmet is able to be equipped for asthetic purposes.


  • The Pilot's Helmet is initially worn and designed for a Blarg, yet after the crash it is shaped for Ratchet's head, including holes for his ears. Though extremely unlikely to the point of absurdity, it's possible that the crash imact deformed the helmet into the later shape.
  • The basic design of the Commando Helmet from Going Commando and the helmet Ratchet wears in Up Your Arsenal are both very similar to the Pilot's Helmet. The Commando Helmet could be seen as a combination of the Pilot's Helmet and the O2 Mask.