25 Plasma Coil WM

The Megacorp Plasma Coil.

The Megacorp Plasma Coil is a highly powerful, and highly expensive weapon from Ratchet & Clank 2. It fires a ball of plasma energy at foes, and upon hitting one, will arc with higly damaging electrical bolts that hit nearby enemies. This ability means that it is ideal for use against groups of medium enemies. It does work on larger and smaller enemies as well, however using it on small enemies isn't reccomended because the smaller foes, being weaker, can be seen as a waste of ammo when you'd want to conserve shots for stronger opponents.

Up Your Arsenal

The Plasma Coil is one of five weapons from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando that make a return in Up Your Arsenal. It is available from Slim Cognito on Aquatos, but only once the player has landed on Koros near the end of the game. This weapon can be acquired for free if the player has a Going Commando save on the Memory Card in Slot 1, where the player has already bought the weapon. Like most Megacorp weapons in Up Your Arsenal, the Plasma Coil can take a very long time to upgrade.


0001s 0000s 0000 Plasma Storm WM

Interestingly, the icon for the Plasma Coil is the same as the Plasma Storm.

  • The Plasma Coil in Up Your Arsenal does not actually have it's own picture in the Weapons Menu. For some reason, the picture is instead of the Plasma Storm.
  • Ratchet wields the Plasma Storm on the European cover of Ratchet & Clank 2. Strangely, he's holding it with one hand in the hand he doesn't normally fire it with, likely due to the composition of the cover.