26 Plasma Storm WM

The upgraded Plasma Storm, a two-handed weapon.

The Plasma Storm is the higly destructive upgrade to the original Plasma Coil. Rather than shooting a plasma ball directly at enemies, the Plasma Coil fires a supercharged plasma ball that flies through the air, electrocuting enemies with arcs of electricity as it passes by. The range of these arcs is very long, and the power of them is exponentially high, making this the best weapon to use when dealing with large, spread out groups of enemies. This is especially useful in the Megacorp Gladiator Arenas, as one or two shots can clear most rounds in under ten seconds.

Up Your ArsenalEdit

0001s 0000s 0000 Plasma Storm WM

The Plasma Storm as it appears in UYA.

The Plasma Storm returns as the upgrade for the Plasma Coil in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Buyable from Slim Cognito on Planet Aquatos, the weapon acts the same way as it's original although it takes a notably longer time to upgrade.