09 Pulse Rifle WM

The Pulse Rifle, which shoots a very thin laser beam.

The Pulse Rifle is the very first Sniper Rifle available in a Ratchet & Clank (Series) game, available in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is a very high powered weapon, but this is augmented by the size of the beam it shoots: hitting an enemy requires pin-point accuracy. Fortunately, being a Sniper Rifle, the player can use the Scope with L1, and zoom in with the Right Analog Stick. The range of the Pulse Rifle dwarfs almost every other weapon in the game, which makes this weapon an ideal choice for picking off or weakening enemies without them noticing, so as to make the actual fight with them easier. The Pulse Rifle upgrades into the Vaporizer.

Because of the high power and low ammo, it isn't advised that the player use the Pulse Rifle against smaller enemies, even with the Shock Mod.


10 Vaporizer WM

The Vaporizer, which fires exploding laser shots.

The Vaporizer is the upgraded form of the Pulse Rifle. The already powerful weapon now becomes even stronger, and more useful, as shots will now explode when they hit something. In conjunction with the Shock Mod, this makes the weapon much more able at taking out distant groups of enemies by dealing damages to foes nearby. It also makes it less punishing if the player should miss their target.

Up Your Arsenal

The Vaporizer is one of several Megacorp weapons to appear in the online mode of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, however it goes by the name of the Flux Rifle here. It's function as a Sniper Rifle makes it a favorite among campers, especially in open maps such as Metropolis (Multiplayer), however those being shot at do have an unusual advantage; the beam the Vaporizer fires gives away the location of the player who was shooting it. Very skilled players can actually use this weapon 'by the hip' (that is, without going into First Person mode to zoom in and aim), because they can predict where players can be and snipe them that way, despite the fact that the weapon normally doens't have an aiming reticule in the center of the screen. Interestingly enough, this is the only Multiplayer weapon in which the upgraded version is being used rather than the original.



An earlier version of the Vaporizer, which looked more like the Pulse Rifle.

  • Shooting the Pulse Rifle (or other R&C Sniper Rifles) without using the Aim Mode is a technique known as Hip-Sniping. It is a very delicate skill that requires the player to guess where the shot will go. Some (rather unsavoury) online players of Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked would put a small dot or other aid on their screen where the aiming reticule would be.

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Pulse Rifle

A render of the Pulse Rifle.