0003s 0007 Pyrocitor Icon WM
The Pyrocitor, a crowd control weapon.

Available from

Tobruk Crater, Novalis


2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert)

Persuader Price

1,275 Bolt Icon (Invert)

Ammo Capacity


Ammo Cost

1 Bolt Icon (Invert)

Ammo per Crate




The Pyrocitor is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron, and is the first weapon Ratchet buys in Ratchet & Clank, in addition to the entire series. The weapon fires out a continuous stream of fire. While it isn't strong enough to deal a lot of damage to larger enemies, it is absolutely ideal for taking on swarms of smaller ones. This is because the fire it produces can be left behind as a trail. The high ammo count of 240 adds to the appeal of this weapon.

The Pyrocitor is overshadowed by the later Tesla Claw due to it's ability to partly aim it's electric beam on enemies by itself, in addition to being much more powerful.

Gold Pyrocitor

The Gold Pyrocitor is the upgraded edition of the normal Pyrocitor. It can be purchased from the Gemlik Base and Novalis Gold Weapon Showroom for 30,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), and four Gold Bolts. In addition to more power and green flames, the range of the weapon has been extended, giving it further reach. The flames also have a tendency to 'hang' in the air longer than those of the normal Pyrocitor.


Video Gallery

Pyrocitor Demonstration

Pyrocitor Demonstration

Gold Pyrocitor Demonstration

Gold Pyrocitor Demonstration

In-game Descriptions

"Pyrocitor! This fearsome weapon really shines at close range. Great for taking out those pesky small enemies." ~ Vendor Description
0002s 0002 Gold Pyrocitor Purchase WM

Ratchet acquires the Gold Pyrocitor.

"Having problems with swarms of small creatures? The Gadgetron Pyrocitor is the answer! This flamethrower device will toast 'em fast!
User Tip: Hold Down Circle for a constant stream of fire." ~ Help Menu Description

"The Gold Pyrocitor is Gadgetron's deluxe version of its popular flamethrower. This weapon does more damage and does it faster than the original. It also has a greater range and a soothing green flame." ~ Help Menu Description (Gold version)

"Having problems with swarms of small creatures? The Gadgetron Pyrocitor is the answer! This flame-thrower device will toast 'em fast! Caution: Larger Enemies may take longer to cook..." ~ UK Manual Description


  • In the demo for Ratchet & Clank, the flames of the Pyrocitor move more quickly than those of the weapon in the full version of the game. This meant that the spin technique is less effective with this version as the trail wouldn't bend as much. It is unknown why this was changed.
  • The ammo for the Pyrocitor found in Ammo Crates is identical to the fuel tank seen on the weapon itself, albeit much more stubby.
  • The Pyrocitor isn't exclusively used by Ratchet, the weapon was also used by the Test Dummies during Ratchet's visit to Kalebo III. The dummies would later reappear in the Starship Phoenix's VR Simulation in Up Your Arsenal, along with the Pyrocitor, Bomb Glove and Walloper.
  • The Pyrocitor is a favorite of Insomniac employee Alex Hastings.
  • In early promotional videos, the Pyrocitor's UI had a 'no-chicken' symbol, although the reasoning behind this is not completely known. It's possible it was an inside joke of Insomniac Games.

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