39 R.Y.N.O 2 WM

The RYNO II, arguably the most useful weapon in R

The RYNO II, short for Rip Ya a New One: Part II, is the successor to the hugely powerful R.Y.N.O.. It appears in Going Commando, and can be found at the Gadgetron Vendor on planet Barlow for a large sum of 1,000,000 bolts, which is unaffordable at that point in the game. In fact it is largely unaffordable until Challenge Mode, where it can actually be purchased at normal Megacorp Vendors. The only other way to afford it without jumping into Challenge Mode is by being very conservative on bolt spending by refraining to buy armor or any completely unnecessary weapons.

The RYNO II works similarly to a machine gun, except that instead of firing bullets, it fires highly powerful rockets that can destroy every enemy, and most bosses, in a matter of seconds. This allows the player to use as many rockets as needed to take out enemies, rather than a batch of 7 or so for the original R.Y.N.O.. The weapon can also target multiple enemies at once, and even crates, however enemies will always have top priority.



A render of the RYNO II

  • Despite having automatic targeting, the RYNO II still has a scope on the side of the weapon.
  • The RYNO II is the only Gadgetron weapon that cannot be bought for free via the Barlow Gadgetron Vendor. This is because the RYNO II is of course not available in Ratchet & Clank, although it is sometimes assumed that having a R&C save with the original R.Y.N.O. bought will allow you to get the RYNO II for free (which it won't).
  • This weapon is the first RYNO to remove the full stops in the name for convenience reasons. The only RYNO in the series that would include the full stops after this one would be the R.Y.N.O. from Going Mobile.

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