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A port of the original game on the Playstation Portable to the Playstation 2 that was released on March 11, 2008 for the US and March 11, 2008 for Europe. The port was handled by High Impact Games who retooled the engine to match the quality of the series' previous installments on the consoles.


The port does not contain new levels or non-player characters although there are some noticeable changes done to the game. The most striking is the new array of engine features such as better lighting effects due to higher capabilities. Certain textures were redone for the port. As a way to spend the remaining 6 Titanium bolts able to be collected in the game, High Impact Games included the previously Japanese-exclusive skins that were available only on the Japanese version of the original Playstation Portable title, with the exception of the Super Incognito skin. Unlike the original, the game's multiplayer can only be played locally rather than over the internet.

Reception & Fan ReactionEdit

Ratchet-clank-size-matters-20080311020350356 640w

An example of some of the game's new textures.

Although the first game was favored by most critics, the port to the Playstation 2 was not nearly as well-received. The port received an average of 62 based on 25 reviews on Metacritic. Most reviewers were disappointed with the game's poor transition to consoles while others say it was another excellent entry in the series' history although opinions on the original content remained the same. Fans were slightly more excited with the port as many of the original fans weren't able to play the game when it was first released. Most gripes from fans were aimed at the multiplayer mode which failed to include online play.

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