The Ratchet & Clank franchise spawned an independent line of comic books in September 2010, released by Insomniac Games. The first series lasted a total six issues, with the final issue being released in February 2011. The series was written by T.J. Fixman, with artwork produced by Adam Archer. The story of the first six issues takes place after the events of the game Ratchet & Clank Future 2 and leads up to Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.



Approximately two years following the defeat of Doctor Nefarious and the sacrifice of General Azimuth, after the catastrophe with the Great Clock that threatened the very security of the cosmos was averted, renowned galactic heroes Ratchet and Clank returned to the Solana Galaxy intending to retire from their exploits after spending much time in the Polaris Galaxy. On Veldin, while working on a speeder they were building in Ratchet's garage, the duo were visited by Galactic President Qwark, who informed them that entire planets were disappearing throughout the universe without a trace, including planets in the Bogon Galaxy in addition to Polaris and Solana.

It was soon revealed that a mysterious villain by the name of Artemis Zogg was the perpetrator behind this new galactic threat. Zogg set his sights on stealing Veldin next for his own cruel purposes, and promptly dispatched robot troops to prepare the planet for transportation. It was then that Ratchet and Clank engaged in combat with the warbot invaders. Despite retaliating, the two were outmatched and ended up being taken as prisoners aboard Zogg's warship and were transported, along with Veldin itself, to the "Artemis Galaxy".

Artemis Zogg was revealed to be stealing planets throughout the universe in order to have the components to construct his own galaxy, which he would rule with an iron fist. He revealed that he was a big fan of Ratchet and Clank, and would therefore have no desire to kill them. Rather, he intended to have them imprisoned in the Vartax Detention Facility, a high-level security prison, so that they would not be able to interfere with Zogg's "Helios Project". Allowing Ratchet to keep his wrench as a gesture of generosity, Zogg also told the duo to ask President Qwark what he thought of Helios the next time they saw him.

For two weeks, Ratchet and Clank remained in the tightly secure prison station. It became painfully clear that escape would not be easy. While in the lunchroom, Ratchet encountered General Glahm, the leader of the Agorian fleet that had attacked Krell Canyon and been defeated by the Lombax two years prior. A brawl ensued almost immediately upon their meeting, during which Glahm and Ratchet were both taken away for execution by Warden Klink, a loyal servant of Artemis Zogg. The two then seized the opportunity to devise an escape plan.


  • The titles of three issues of the comic series (Friends With Benefits, Multiple Organisms and Bros Before Foes) were originally working titles for the game All 4 One, based on its multiplayer design.
  • The title of the third issue of the comic series (Lost And Spaced) is a play on words, referencing the 1960s science fiction TV series entitled Lost in Space.