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The original R.Y.N.O., easily the most powerful weapon in the first game.

The R.Y.N.O., short for Rip Ya a New One, is the very first Superweapon in a Ratchet & Clank series, available in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet can first purchased it from the Shady Salesman on the way to the Hoverboard Races on planet Rilgar early on into the game for an exorbitantly high price: 150,000 Bolt Icon (Invert). As a result, it is impossible to purchase at that point in the game, unless the user takes advantage of the glitches at the Hoverboard track, or goes through very extensive grinding of the early levels. It's resemblance to a mobile missile platform is not without merit; when it is fired, it shoots out six highly powerful rockets, each of which lock on to and track individual enemies (although if there are fewer enemies than there are rockets, an enemy can be locked on by multiple rockets). The tracking of these rockets is such that they can even go for enemies that are behind Ratchet, and all enemies can be tracked from extremely long distances.
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