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A port of Secret Agent Clank was released shortly after the the first game for the Playstation 2 on May 26, 2009, unlike the previous PSP title port of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters which was handled by it's original developer, Sanzaru Games was tasked on bringing the game over to the console. Before release, the game was updated with new engine features and many of the levels were updated with new textures or models.


To make full use of the Playstation 2's capabilities that allow textures and models to be shown at a higher resolution, Sanzaru updated many of the game's effects, models and levels to look better on the console. Some changes are certain textures remade such as the space background during the loading screen the most noticeable being the look of the locations changed on the level selection screen, some are completely new such as water reflections near rivers, the new main menu or even sounds in the game. Like the Size Matters port, extra decorations such as shrubs or trees in the background were added as well. Despite these changes, no extra levels or characters were added in the port. For reasons unknown, some parts were removed such as different loading screens (Between each new level, every loading screen was Clank's ship flying through space, in the original game, each character had his own loading screen.), The animation of the Jack Of All Trades' head exploding after his boss fight, and even a complete building at the end of the Asyanica level.

Reception & Fan Reaction


Screenshot from the port. Notice the added treeline in the background.

Being a direct port, the game got even lower reviews than it's original PSP release. The port was criticized for it's poor graphics engine

and slow framerate at certain times of the game. Based on nine reviews, the port got a metacritic rating of 61, making it the lowest-rated game in the series. This is the opposite of the Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PS2) port that got a higher score than the original. Fan reactions were mostly negative, many fans said the large amount of glitches made the game hard to play, most commonly a control glitch that won't let the player fully run when holding down the left analog stick.If the player enters a code found in the IRIS Supercomputer, they will receive a Zoni skin to use in the game, a code found in the High Impact Games Treehouse can also be entered in Tools Of Destruction to unlock Ratchet's prison uniform from the game. If the PSP contains a Size Matters save file, the game can be used to scan it and unlock the Super Incognito, Tropical Vacation, Plundering Pirate Captain, and Ratchetzilla skins for Ratchet, all of which were in the previous PSP title.

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