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Secret Agent Clank (Clank & Ratchet: Maru Hi Mission Ignition in Japan) is a stealth-action game developed by High Impact Games for the PlayStation Portable. Rumors of the game surfaced in early 2007 after David Bergeaud credited his involvement in the game on his resume. The game was later announced in a conference held by Sony during the Tokyo Game Show. It was released on June 17, 2008, and is the seventh game in the series canon, and continues shortly after the end of Size Matters and is the only game in the series that focuses mainly on Clank. After Clank's successful Secret Agent Clank Holovision show, a mysterious organization called The Agency hires Clank to help recover a stolen Gem.


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Clank takes down an enemy.

This game features a variety of different gameplay types and allows you to play as four different characters. For the majority of the game you play as Clank; many of the levels have the player go through "stealth segments" to fit with the Secret Agent theme, have the player evade security, other times the gameplay changes to fighting segments where players will be forced make use of various gadgets and weapons to eliminate enemies. The game also introduces quick-time events where a sequence of buttons must be pressed to continue. At one point in the game you will play as Giant Clank. As in any other game, the player will also control Ratchet for certain parts of the game, these segments are arena challenges much like the ones seen in previous installments using weapons from Size Matters given to him by Clank. Secret Agent Clank also has you playing as Captain Qwark in his many retellings of Clank's victories while taking the credit for himself. Finally, the game features Gadgebot gameplay, which has been redesigned to be slightly more puzzle-oriented.


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Qwark retells his battle at Asyanica

The game's events occur just before Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction, the game starts out after a priceless gem, the Eye Of Infinity, was stolen from the Boltaire Museum. With Ratchet caught at the scene of the crime and being the only suspect, was arrested and incarcerated. Meanwhile, The Agency sends Clank to investigate the museum. Following the investigation, Clank heads to Asyanica to locate Number Woo, a local criminal who the Eye was sent to after its theft. After nearly being killed by Woo's laser, Clank manages to defeat Woo's local ninja backup and learns that the gem was taken to the Countess Ivanna Lottabolts of Glaciara. After dancing with the countess and escaping her local guards through the slopes of the comet, Clank tracks down the Eye to a robotic mob boss called The Kingpin. At the same time, Ratchet is forced to fight for his life as old enemies from past games sought their revenge on him. Despite this, Ratchet was able to assist Clank such as providing the password to a casino room from Slim Cognito. In between this, Captain Qwark traveled the galaxy and stopped at the remains of areas previously visited by Clank, followed by a less-than-enthusiastic robot (B.A.R.N.E.Y.) to record Qwark's exploits for his biography. Later on, Clank learns that The Kingpin was just a disguise used by his evil adversary Klunk, previously met in Up Your Arsenal. After catching up with the evil clone, he learns his true intentions with the Eye Of Infinity were to use it as refractor for a giant laser. This was all part of his plan to make it look like Ratchet (Through a Mind Control Device) was behind the plan. Klunk would have posed as Clank and saved the day while imprisoning Ratchet for life. Shortly after the battle, Clank managed to deactivate the armed laser right as Qwark catches up to him and accidentally beams himself into the laser satellite allowing him to dismantle the laser and remove the Eye Of Infinity from it. Returning to Klunk's base, Qwark learns B.A.R.N.E.Y. was actually working for Klunk to track Clank's movements, after nearly being destroyed by the robot, Qwark is saved just in time by Clank who manages to save the day once again. After the Eye was returned, Ratchet was pardoned of the accusations and Klunk was left in custody of the two who later rebuilt him into a vacuum.

Reception & Fan Reaction

The game was met with a mixed opinion by reviewers with an average 72 (Average) from Metacritic based on 56 reviews. Gamervision gave the lowest score for the game (5/10) criticizing it for "Lousy story, terrible audio, and inconsistent design." Gamepro's review was the highest (4 1/2 stars) praising the game for "Varied gameplay, great graphics, [and] addicting mini-games." Overall, Secret Agent Clank was criticized for having a poor camera system and a low amount of checkpoints but many reviews commended the game for it's varied gameplay. Despite mixed reviews, many fans were satisfied with what the game had to offer, although many fans complained the game was too repetitive more specifically during Ratchet's gameplay.


If the player enters a code found in the IRIS Supercomputer, they will receive a Zoni skin to use in the game, a code found in the High Impact Games Treehouse can also be entered in Tools Of Destruction to unlock Ratchet's prison uniform from the game. If the PSP contains a Size Matters save file, the game can be used to scan it and unlock the Super Incognito, Tropical Vacation, Plundering Pirate Captain, and Ratchetzilla skins for Ratchet, all of which were in the previous PSP title.

Playstation 2 Port

Main article: Secret Agent Clank (PS2)

The game was ported almost a year after release for the Playstation 2 by Sanzaru Games rather than High Impact Games themselves, the game underwent several changes to it's textures, models, and engine features before release. The port was poorly received by reviewers and fans alike.


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  • Fitting the "secret agent" theme, the game makes several references to the James Bond movie "Goldfinger". During the Asyanica Gadgebot mission Clank utters the famous quote "Do you expect me to talk?" from the laser execution scene in the movie. A recreation of the same scene can be found in one of the rooms in the Venantonio lab as an easter egg with a table nearly cut in two and a giant laser over the table.
  • During Clank's escape down the slopes of Glaciara, he says "Danger is my middle name", originally said in the movie "Austin Powers", also another secret agent movie. 
  • Although the title of North American and European versions of the game say "Secret Agent Clank", the Japanese version still has "Ratchet" in the title despite him only being a side character.







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