31 Sheepinator WM

The Megacorp Sheepinator.

The Sheepinator is the Morph Weapon of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and is the successor to the original Morph-o-Ray from Ratchet & Clank. It can be found on planet Todano, inside a base littered with Sheep, presumably due to use of the weapon from a previous user. Being a weapon that is found, it is one of a few weapons and gadgets can be be acquired for free.

Firing the weapon produces a medium-length beam that converts enemies into Sheep, as the name suggests. Unless the enemy is a weak, small enemy, it will take a moment to convert them. The larger and stronger the enemy is, the longer it will take to turn them into Sheep. The beam cannot be fired when Ratchet is in the air, and shooting the beam onto another enemy will 'reset' the conversion progress of the enemy before it. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to convert aerial opponents.

Added use of the weapon will eventually upgrade it into the Black Sheepinator.


  • The (Black) Sheepinator is the only Megacorp weapon in Going Commando, aside from the Zodiac, Clank Zapper and RYNO II, to not get a Mega series in Challenge Mode.
  • When the player goes into Challenge Mode, the Weapons Menu icon (see top picture) for the Black Sheepinator will revert back to the one for the Sheepinator.
  • Like all found items, if Ratchet picks up the Sheepinator in Challenge Mode after having picked it up beforehand, the pop-up text will say "You got the Sheepinator ...again!".
  • Like other morph weapons, the Sheepinator is capable of turning any enemy into sheep, including non-organic life forms (i.e. robots). It's not known how this is possible, but it was probably done for gameplay purposes.

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