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The Shock Blaster, V1 to V4.

The Shock Blaster is one of Ratchet's starting weapons in Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal, and is a shotgun weapon. Unlike most other weapons, Ratchet doesn't have to buy this weapon, instead, he recieves it from a Galactic Ranger shortly after landing on his homeworld of Veldin to defend it. It fires a group of straight beams that spread out and away from each other in a cone, like a real-life shotgun (except real life shotguns shoot slugs, not beams). The further away an enemy is from a shot, the less damage he will take from it, so the Shock Blaster is reccomended for use in mid-range, particularly in closed quarters where enemies are more likely to be close to the recieving end.

V2, V3 and V4Edit

Like every Up Your Arsenal weapon, the Shock Blaster upgrades incrementally through use. The V2 Shock Blaster gains the ability to charge the shot, and then release a more powerful blue blast. This consumes more ammo, but it does deal out more damage. V3 adds a Lock-On mod that can be used by pressing L2 and R2 together to lock on to enemies. Lastly, the V4 Shock Blaster adds the Shock Mod, which will make arcs of electricity spark from one enemy to the next, which is useful for attacking groups, especially in a situation where you're surrounded by one-hit kill enemies.

When the Shock Blaster reaches V5, it upgrades into the Shock Cannon.


  • The Shock Blaster was featured in not one, but two Ratchet & Clank testing advertisements. The first and primary one is where Steve is about to test it with his friends. However, when he pulls the trigger, the blast is so powerful it launches him into the air. He keeps firing the weapon, which makes him travel across town in the air. The second one is for the Multiplayer segment. After a 'player's' mom is turned into a sheep by an opponent, her son grabs a Shock Blaster off of his friends and returns fire. The shots fly over to the opposing team, hitting a shack. The opponents then declare that "It's on".
  • The icon for the Shock Blaster is used for the Blitz Gun's Multiplayer appearance.

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