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The Sonic Summoner Helmet.

The Sonic Summoner is a Helmet Gadget that can be earned in the original [[Ratchet & Clank (game}|Ratchet & Clank]] for not extra cost. Ratchet earns it from Skidd's Agent on Aridia by presenting him the grand prize from the Blackwater City Hoverboard Races: a Platinum Zoomerator. Ironically, to earn the Sonic Summoner the player must find Skidd himself in a nearby part of the level.

With the Summoner equipped, Ratchet looks a whole lot cooler. But more than that, the gadget allows Ratchet to summon Sand Mice, where they will protect Ratchet with their own cover fire.

Sand Mice are always foud in a Sand Mouse House, which appear as small orange plates that are flush with the ground, with some antennae sticking out the top. When Ratchet walks up to one with the Sonic Summoner equipped, a Mouse will emerge, riding a small craft that resembles a flying saucer. The Sand Mouse will provide cover fire for Ratchet, including above or below him. The Mouse will 'expire' and dissapear after firing a certain amount of shots, or after a certain period of time.

The Sonic Summoner is very useful when the player wishes to conserve ammo, wants extra insurance of survival, to make it through a tough enemy segment, or perhaps all of the above.

Skill Point

The Sonic Summoner is required for a Skill Point on planet Batalia. Going by the name of Eat Lead, it requires the player to destroy all the tanks in the level using the Sand Mice. This can be tricky as the player has to return to the Sand Mouse House each time the Mouse dissapears, in addition to taking out the tanks inside the yellow fort at the end of the level.

The House itself can be found at the back of the building opposite the one with the Tresspasser vault at the beginning of the level.



  • The Sand Mouse saucer may be one of the few aspects of Ratchet & Clank to fire actual bullets, as the aforementioned Eat Lead Skill Point depends entirely on the Sand Mouse (and the tanks fire bombs).
  • Aside from the target on the top, the base element of the Sonic Summoner is identical to Ratchet's cap, except green (and with goggles).