29 Spiderbot Glove WM

The Megacorp Spiderbot Glove (Spiderbot not shown).

The Spiderbot Glove is a remote-control weapon in Ratchet & Clank : Going Commando, and is available from planet Joba for 15,000 bolts, which is quite cheap for that stage of the game. When fired, Ratchet tosses out a Spiderbot, which he is able to control to navigate the terrain. When the player pressed the Fire button again, or when the Spiderbot rubs against an enemy, it detonates. The Spiderbot in itself is not very useful in a firefight, however it's greatest potential is just before the battle, where players can use them whilst behind a corner and pick off a few enemies (handy if there are objects blocking a Pulse Rifle shot).

The Spiderbot is also required on Dobbo, Todano and Boldan to open the way to a Platinum Bolt by crawling through air ducts. This weapon is a spiritual successor to the Visibomb, and can also be compared to the Visicopter from Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Like these weapons, Ratchet cannot be controlled while the Spiderbot is active, and if Ratchet is hit, the Spiderbot deactivates.

With further use, the Spiderbot Glove will upgrade into the Tankbot Glove, which gives the Spiderbot a turret for additional functionality.


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