17 Synthenoid WM

The one-handed, one-gunned Synthenoid.

The Synthenoid (more often referred to as Synthenoids due to their grouped nature) is a small drone available in Going Commando, the second Ratchet & Clank game. They are not an equippable weapon; rather, selecting them from the Weapons Menu or Quick Select will spawn four drones who hover around and flank Ratchet wherever he goes. When an enemy gets near, they immediately start opening fire. This makes them handy for particularly tough or lengthy fights, to help kill the enemies more quickly.

After the Synthenoids have fired a certain number of shots, they dissapear, however they can be 'topped up' again by selecting the appropriate icon.

The ammo counter for this weapon counts up individual Synthenoids. For instance, if Ratchet has no Synthenoids, then activates the Synthenoids, the ammo amount for the Weapon will drop by four. This does not happen when Ratchet replaces just one, two or three Synthenoids; the ammo is deducted according to how many were replaced. With extended use, the Synthenoid upgrades into the Kilonoid.


  • Synthenoids and Kilonoids are among a select few weapons that cannot have ammo provided by Ammo Crates, for balancing reasons.
  • The Synthenoids take after the Agents spawned by the Glove of Doom in that they are small robots that follow Ratchet and damage nearby enemies. The Agents in the Up Your Arsenal version of the weapon would bridge the gap even further: V2 Agents of Doom gain the ability to shoot lasers, and V4 Agents gain the ability to fly and flank Ratchet much like the Synthenoids do.
  • The Sandmouse is similar in behavior to the Synthenoids as it too hovers next to the user and attacks incoming threats. The Sandmice may very well have been the inspiration for the Synthenoids.
  • Further similar weapons in the Drone line include the Defensive Drone Device (explosive drones that hover and fly around Ratchet), Mr. Zurkon (a backsassing flying drone with a big gun and bigger mouth), and the Combat Bots from DreadZone. Drones in the Multiplayer Mode from Up Your Arsenal also behave identically to the Synthenoids.

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