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The Taunter, the only weapon to not hurt enemies directly.

The Taunter is a very unique weapon in Ratchet & Clank. It can first be bought at the Blarg Tactical Research Station for 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert). The reason for it's uniqueness is that it doesn't actually hurt enemies, instead it plays loud noises to attract them. This can be used to draw enemies closer to Ratchet to spring traps, such as leading the enemies into forcefields, near Ratchet to punch them with the Walloper, or into Mine Glove mines. In fact when the Taunter is played onto one of these mines, the activation range of them is greatly extended. It should be noted that any enemy drawn in by the Taunter will attempt to attack Ratchet with a melee attack.

The Taunter also has a secondary use. The sound waves that the weapon emits are powerful enough to break normal and Ammo Crates and detonate Explosive crates. This in effect makes the weapon a substitute for the Box Breaker, which doesn't make an appearance in the game. The offset is that this can accidentally attract enemies to Ratchet.


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Taunter Demonstration

Taunter Demonstration

In-game Descriptions

"Taunter! Annoy your enemies and lure them into traps and ambuses with this obnoxious noise-maker!" ~Vendor Description

"While the Taunter doesn't have offensive capabilities, it's great for luring enemies into mines, forcefields, or simply into range of your other weapons. The Taunter will also activate any mines you've place into the environment, increasing their effective range.
When used together, Gadgetron's Mine Glove and Taunter are a deadly combination!" ~Help Menu Description


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Ratchet fighting off a Toxic Crab with the beta Taunter.

  • The sounds used for the Taunter are actually a collection of library sound effects, possibly for the comedic effect. For instance, the first whistle is a stock sound effect of an old car horn.
  • Originally, the Taunter was meant to do damage to enemies, possibly through the use of sonic waves, making it a weapon similar to shotgun weapons such as the Blitz Gun of Going Commando. The weapon's purpose was later changed for reasons not yet known, probably to set it apart from of the game's other weapons.
  • It was discovered that the Taunter, as well every other weapon in the game, was to have a Gold Weapon version. While it didn't make it to the game, it's texture did and was able to be accessed using Hacks for the game. The Gold Taunter's abilities are not known, though it is possible it might have been able to damage to enemies, as previously stated.
  • It can be assumed this weapon was not used very much as neither it or a similar version has reappeared in the series since.
  • The Taunter might of been able to be used as a loudspeaker as Captain Qwark was seen using a similar (possibly older) model during Ratchet and Clank's arrival on Umbris.