16 Tesla Barrier WM

The Tesla Barrier (this is not the actual shield).

The Tesla Barrier is the upgraded version of the Shield Charger. On top of the usual power boost, this version can sustain more damage. But the most useful feature it has is that it can now shock enemies from a distance with an electric bolt, meaning the user can deal damage to nearby enemies, yet they can't get close enough to take a swipe at him with a melee attack (this is very helpful when upgrading the Mega Tesla Barrier).

Up Your Arsenal

Along with the Shield Charger, the Tesla Barrier makes a return appearance in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Although there are no major differences besides the color of the barriers and the number of times the user has to upgrade the Shield Charger to get it.


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0001s 0000s 0002 Tesla Barrier WM

The Tesla Barrier as it appears in Up Your Arsenal.