The Adventures Of Captain Starshield was an official mini-comic made by Dave Guertin as a prequel to Ratchet: Deadlocked. The comic consisted of six parts that were all released one by one on Insomniac Games' website and the official Ratchet: Deadlocked website before the actual game's release. It focused on Captain Starshield and his last moments before being abducted into Dreadzone.


The comic takes place two weeks before the events of Ratchet: Deadlocked, it began in Captain Starshield's Ship shortly after defeating Baron Masseter and saving Planet Calzon. After being congratulated by the Calzon Chancellor, his spaceship collides with a nearby asteroid triggering a hyperdrive malfunction, sending him crashing onto Planet Fractis. Marooned on the planet, Starshield encountered two Kragmites and a Cantor. After a short battle, the Cantor was eventually brought down by a falling boulder. after his battle, the hero receives a distress signal in the Shadow Sector, presumably this was how Starshield was captured into Dreadzone.