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The Trespasser Gadget.

The Trespasser is a hand Gadget from Ratchet & Clank, and is the very first Lock Picking Gadget in the Ratchet & Clank game. It can be found at the end of the Swingshot path in the factory on planet Aridia. The Trespasser is intended to be used on Invinco-Locks found throughout the Solana Galaxy, which are more advanced than normal locks. Invinco-Locks keep doors shut and barriers active, so the player will often have to be use the Trespasser in order to open them. It is not so simple, however, as they must pick the lock via a special minigame sequence.


The minigame 'board' is a large, flat circle, make of up 16 slots. Within the circle are three rings, and on these rings are lasers and blockers. On the outside of the board circle are receptors, and these must all be turned green in order for the lock to open. A receptor will turn green when they have a laser pointed onto them. For the player to do this, they must select a ring with the up and down buttons on the D-pad, and use the left and right buttons to rotate all receptors and blockers one slot to the left or right. The lasers all point towards the center of the board before heading towards the edge, so careful attention must be paid so that a laser doesn't hit a blocker on the way and become intercepted.

The easier Trespasser puzzles only have one or two lasers per ring and no blockers, but the hardest ones can easily come with three lasers per ring, with equal or more blockers. Most puzzles also have more lasers than there are receptors, so it is important to remember that not all lasers need to be pointed at a receptor in order to complete the puzzle (rather, it is vice versa, all receptors must have lasers pointed at them).



  • The Trespasser's original design bore a resemblance to the OmniWrench 8000, meaning it possibly could have been used to attack enemies with. The front of the final weapon certainly suggests it would have certain stabbing abilities if it were used in combat.
  • The Trespasser's name sounds very similar to the last name of an Insomniac developer, Tim Trezpas. The resemblance is probably coincidental, since the name is more logically based on the word trespass, meaning to enter someone's land or home without permission.
  • The Codebot Item has a similar top design to the Trespasser, and it is used to open Invinco-Vaults. Invinco-Vaults should not be confused with the Invinco-Locks the Trespasser interacts with.

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