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The Gadgetron Walloper is, even on first glance. obviously a melee weapon.

The Walloper is a melee weapon made by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank. You can purchase it after visiting planet Gaspar for 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert). Essentially being a large, metal boxing glove, it doesn't fire. Rather, the user punches ahead of him, and the Walloper electrifies, pulling him or her forward, slamming their fist into whatever enemies may be in his path. This makes the weapon very useful for taking out enemies too tricky for the Wrench, but still conserving ammo. In fact the Walloper should be the first choice when breaking Metal Crates, as the Walloper does not use ammo, but it can break the Metal Crates, unlike the Wrench and the Taunter.

Being a melee weapon, however, it is certainly not recommended against enemies with firearms. Instead, it is best used against enemies that primarily attack up close and with melee attacks themselves.

Probably the most amusing aspect of this weapon is the sheer distance enemies are knocked back when punched. For instance, you can punch the Blarg Commanders right off ledges, bridges, and the touring train in Metropolis.

Going Commando

35 Walloper WM

The Walloper in Going Commando.

The Walloper is again available in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, from the lone Gadgetron Vendor on Barlow for 8,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) (which is higher than in the original game, but Bolts are acquired in much higher totals in the second game). However, if the player has a Ratchet & Clank save on the Memory Card in Slot 1 where they bought the Walloper, they can acquire it for free. However, because the enemies get more and more health even from the start of the game, the Walloper is very ineffective even at the point of the game from which it can be bought, and this problem carries over to the Mega version that can be purchased in Challenge Mode.

Secret Agent Clank

The Walloper is the only weapon from Ratchet & Clank to make a return in Secret Agent Clank (indeed it is the only console weapon, aside from the Omniwrench, to appear in a PSP title). It functions exactly like the original Walloper did, but two upgrades can be won by beating the Prison Arena Challenges. The first, the Lightning Speed Mod, increases pretty much every aspect of the Walloper: The charge-up speed and striking speed are both increased. The user will also travel a further distance as well. The Earthquake Mod allows Ratchet to attack while in the air, where he slams down onto the ground, making a shockwave. In Secret Agent Clank, the Walloper can upgrade into the Marauder.


In-game Descriptions

"Walloper! Punch people hard." ~Vendor Description

"Gadgetron's most popular short range weapon, the Walloper really packs a punch! This 'punching glove' is the perfect device for close range combat, when projectile weapons just won't do the job." ~Help Menu Description


  • The Walloper was originally intended to be another Glove-like weapon (as seen in the above concept art), although the weapon was later developed to resemble something more like a boxing glove.
  • As seen in the concept art above, the Walloper's original name was the Walloper 3000, although the reason the name was shortened is not known.
  • A little-known extra feature about the Walloper is that the user is able to protect him or herself from incoming projectiles simply by activating the glove and coming in contact with the projectile at the same time, this is a good strategy to use if the user is limited to using the Walloper while fighting against ranged enemies.
  • Despite the Secret Agent Clank Walloper being a newer version, it is the only version of the weapon to use ammo, as the first two versions have unlimited charges.
  • Originally, the Walloper was to have it's own Gold Weapon version, although it was cut from the game before release. The texture is still present in the game and may be accessed using hacks. It's not known how the Gold version would have changed the weapon, although one may assume it would do more damage whilst emitting the Green effect present in Gold Weapons.
  • The Walloper isn't exclusively used by Ratchet, the weapon was also used by the Test Dummies during Ratchet's visit to the Gadgetron Site. The dummies would later reappear in the Starship Phoenix's VR Simulation, along with the Pyrocitor, Bomb Glove and Walloper.

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