Picture 524

The Watchmen, also known as Enforcement-Bots are the bulk of the Boltaire Museum security force. Watchmen are equipped with an arm-mounted flashlight and a plasma pistol, like many other androids in the Solana Galaxy, the Watchman uses an Omni-Rotational Ball to move, this allows for lighter turns and faster movement. Every Watchman's artificial intelligence is linked to a central computer, meaning they are controlled under a single entity. The headwear of the Watchmen has been said to have won several awards because of it's thread count and appearance. Like the Canine-Bot and the Secu-Tank, Watchmen are manufactured on planet Edificus. It should also be noted the Casino Guard is similar in design to the Watchman despite being produced on Kalidon.

Behind The Scenes


In early development stages, the Watchman would have been equipped with a billy club and lacked it's arm-mounted flashlight. Like the early Canine-Bot, it had a different color scheme. The enemy was likely changed because it didn't work well in the game with a melee weapon, making it easy to outrun.



Concept Art

* Secret Agent Clank