Weapons Icon List

The Weapons of Ratchet and Clank. Icons that are gold indicate the weapon has a golden version.

Right from the very first game, Ratchet & Clank had a large and unique arsenal, and this page lists those weapons that appear in the first game. What makes these weapons unique over any of Ratchet's arsenals is that these ones did not upgrade. This, in combination with non-upgrading health, meant that most weapons were able to be useful even if they were bought early on (all other games suffer from a problem where the enemy's health in later levels is too high to take on with weaker weapons). This game also introduced several weapons staples, such as the automatic pistol, the rocket launcher, and of course the RYNO series.

Weapons marked with a ¹ are available again in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, while those marked with a ² can be bought in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It should also be noted that while the Glove of Doom and Suck Cannon appear in Size Matters (and is marked with a ³), the Acid Bomb Glove from that game is considered to be a unique weapon separate from the normal Bomb Glove. The Walloper, which appears in Secret Agent Clank, is marked with a ⁴. Weapons marked with a * have a Gold version available.

Weapons List


Name Available Price Persuader Price Ammo Capacity Ammo Cost Ammo per Crate Power Gold Upgrade
Bomb GloveKyzil Plateau, Veldin Free N/A 40 Medium Yes
Pyrocitor* Tobruk Crater, Novalis 2,500 Bolt Icon (Invert) 1,275 Bolt Icon (Invert) 240 1 Bolt Icon (Invert) 20 Light Yes
Blaster* Yes
Glove of Doom*²³ Yes
Mine Glove Yes
Taunter*²³ No
Suck Cannon* Yes
Devastator* Heavy Yes
Walloper¹⁴ No
Visibomb Gun¹ No
Decoy Glove Yes
Defensive Drone Device No
Tesla Claw Yes
Morph-o-Ray* Medium Yes
R.Y.N.O. Heavy No


OmniWrench 8000¹

Cut Weapons

Mackerel 1000


Boom Ball Gun




Picture 57

The unlocked Gold Weapons.

  • The Bomb Glove, Pyrocitor and Walloper are not wielded just by Ratchet. On Kalebo III, they are used against him by the Gadgetron Test Robots.
    • They would be used by the same test bots again in Up Your Arsenal in the virtual reality training arena. The fire of the Bomb Glove and Pyrocitor here are changed to blue.
  • Originally, Insomniac Games intended for every weapon in the game to have a gold version. This was discovered by an exploit from various game hacking programs that allowed the player to access these weapons. Despite being able to use the weapons in the game, there were no differences and the icons for the gold weapons were nonexistent, instead using a placeholder 'no chickens' sign.